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As soon as everyone leaves we can re-launch ourselves out into the world from whence it came without being too embarrassed.

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"I have gotten at least 50 times the 
value from games. I'm good to go. "

Connie Hayward
Product Designer

Games, The Clever Way.

Embarrassed about having so many 
people outside celebrating.

Games Goes On And On.

Embarrassed about having so many 
people outside celebrating.

Play With The Ideas

Embarrassed about having so many 
people outside celebrating.

I'd Like To Have a Better Gaming Experience

Legends gaming provides the best gaming experience. Combine the online and offline gaming in one place with one community


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There's First Love, And 
There's Games Love

Online Platform - Hoplay

An online platform that aims to serve a multitude of competitive 
needs of Saudi and ME region gamers

Gaming Marketplace

Sale and maintenance of professional esports products

Gaming Centers

Establishment of electronic and intellectual gaming lounges

Gaming Lounges

Operating electronic and intellectual gaming lounges

We're Always Looking For More Trophies

Establishing and operating 
3 electronic and intellectual gaming lounges

First place winner in entertainment challenges from the Entertainment Authority

3rd place 2018 as the best emerging project
2nd place 2019 as the best entrepreneurial project

More than 4 million messages between users

More than 160 thousands communication posts between users

More than 8,000 clans registered in the app

+2000 participants in each gaming lounges

+4000 tournament participants in gaming centers

An average of 45 people visit the gaming lounge every day

“I’d be lost without games. Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it. The service was excellent. Games has completely surpassed our expectations.”



Muath AL-Abdullah


Khaled Alhindi


Omar Alsaigh


Anas Alguniman


Musab Alshamrani


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